Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nepotism in Hollywood


What happened to blogger!? Seriously, I leave for like a month and everything is different when i come back. It's no longer my fat friend from elementary school, now this blogger gets all the guys. I don't even get that weird analogy that i just made up, but whatever. Hi, HELLO, i'm here!

This blog post is a reaction to my frustration over the internet hating Lena Dunham and the rest of the cast of "Girls," (the new HBO show) just because they have famous parents and everyone is like, "Nepotism, wahh wahh blah blah."

Well guess what world? Like, 99% of Hollywood spawns from older hollywood. And i bet you love them the same! Here are just a few people who have famous parents:

Maya Rudolph Mom: Minnie Ripperton
Kate Hudson Mom: Goldie Hawn
Michael Douglas Dad: Kirk Douglas
Colin Hanks Dad: Tom Hanks
Ben Stiller Parents: Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara
Gwyneth Paltrow Mom: Blythe Danner
Bryce Dallas Howard Dad: Ron Howard 
Robin Thicke Dad: Alan Thicke
Liv Tyler Dad: Steven Tyler
Shiloh Pitt: Parents: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE PRETTY AWESOME! With legitimate talent, and you don't hate them, do you??? Or maybe you do, I don't know, maybe you are also a cat and have 6 legs, I DON'T KNOW. But what I do know is, having famous parents helps, yes, but it doesn't keep you famous.  (there are exceptions to every rule, see: math)

I for one think the girls of "Girls" are awesome, funny and don't even want to use the name of their parents for their own success. You know who does? Paris Hilton. I bet. I can't say for a fact that she does, but I have this weird feeling about it, call it a hunch. 

So, to wrap this short post up: blogger is different and it's weird to me, and also hollywood is weird so that's weird. life is weird. weird weird weird. 

sorry for this poop. BYE!

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  1. Maybe you can't make it in Hollywood because you have no talent and have to blog on series spoilers instead of coming up with your own material.