Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Peaked in Elementary School

You know how people are always like, "I think I peaked in high school?" and are all depressed because post high school their life is like a sad lifetime movie? OR much more likely someone is talking bad about someone else and says, "ew, whatever she totally peaked in high school" Well this scenario is kind of like that, except I am fairly certain I peaked in elementary school.

Why elementary school? Because grades 1-5 were AMAZING!

But here are the reasons in list form (my favorite type of form!):

1) I was on TV!!!!!! I was chosen to be on the Rosie O'Donnell show as a little 2nd grader living in new york city, as part of her Easter episode. To get on the show I lied and said that Harriet the Spy was my favorite movie, even though I hadn't seen it. (back then that was living on the edge, my middle name isn't rebel for nothing! it's not rebel at all, it's Alyssa) So then I got to be on the Easter episode and we took a limo to the show and got these gigantic gift bags, and I got to be interviewed by Rosie for all of 5 seconds before doing an Easter egg hunt on the stage. I must tell you-- you want to be cool in 2nd grade? GO ON A NATIONAL TELEVISION TALK SHOW!!!

I made that crazy looking egg, and i'm also wearing my favorite smiley face earrings, YOU KNOW IT! 


2) I got to ice skate with Bill Cosby. This was another one of those things that I was chosen for. He used to have that show 'Kids Say the Darndest Things', and they pooled a bunch of kids from my school to be on it (people love kids from public school in Manhattan apparently, what are we POOR? HA. HA. HA).  I actually spent most of that day crying because I wasn't getting enough attention- and that should have been a glaring red flag to my twitter/facebook days. Either way, another way to be cool in elementary school-- GO ICE SKATING WITH BILL COSBY!

3) I was a bonafied star!!! I was in drama club and got the lead in Peter Pan (yes I was peter, a girl always plays peter it's NORMAL.) And my sister played Wendy, we were like cool twins who starred in the school play, yes our parents were so proud!!!

4) I had a boyfriend for valentines day. 5th grade was the only year of my life I've ever had a boyfriend for valentines day. (see: peaked) It was a pretty serious romance, we even sat near each other on the carpet during reading time in class. we broke up shortly thereafter-- I just wasn't ready to hold hands.

4) I was in ALP. which was this program for smart kids (or for kids who weren't good at math...I can't remember). I made a slide show on Chinese calligraphy which thinking back on it made no sense, and it was in Chinese so I guess we will never know. ALP > AP CLASSES. NOT REALLY AT ALL.


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  1. pshh...i peaked in the womb! not even lying...