Monday, February 20, 2012

craigslist fun part 1

spoiler alert: this is what I did while in college. So yes, having a sense of humor is way more important to me than a 2.3 GPA. KIDDING. 2.4**

Back in '09 I thought it would be fun to randomly email people from craigslist, and see what their responses were. With the help of my wonderfully funny and enthusiastic friends, we made up a fake email address, and as most cool college kids do, spent some of our nights craiglist-pranking people.

this person was giving away a pillow that was stitched with "Home Sweet Home" on it. I am Jeremy Jeremiah:


 This person was looking for Horse back riding lessons. I'm the one on the bottom:

This person was giving away a set of kitchen knives. I'm on the bottom:
 hahahahaahahahhaaWAIT WHAT, YOU SICKO! MURDERER I BET!!!

this person was giving away a kitten from their pregnant cat. I'm on the bottom:
 That persons language is DISGUSTING, they should be ashamed.

This person was giving away used tires, i'm on the bottom:
 just makes me giggle because hi, I said five tires like twice, when you only need four! OMG HAHAHA.

this person was giving away free newspapers.
I agree, there is nothing funny about the toddler in a cage staring at me right now.

well that was fun. It's also what I spent some of my time doing today, so please do check back for craigslist fun part 2. In the meantime, come back regularly for your regular edition of itsayapworld. and don't forget to tell all your friends to follow me on twitter: @itslaurenyap.

** I got way higher than a 2.4 GPA, that was just for dramatization, so don't freak out!

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